Treat your cracked heels at home

Treat your cracked heels at home

Some females present themselves beautifully at every outing they go, with spot-on makeup and well-trimmed and styled hairs. However, there is one thing they often miss, and that is their cracked heels. Your feet will suffer if you wear exposed, unsupportive shoes. It’s terrible enough to have dry skin, but what happens when you have cracked heels? It is safe to say that going around with painful cracks all day isn’t enjoyable.

The best part is that treating cracked heels does not need to be complicated. In fact, experts recommend using inexpensive home treatments to maintain your feet in good form. We’ll show you how to cure your cracked heels naturally in this post.

Increase your daily dose of water

If your heels are cracked, don’t only treat them right away. You should grab a water bottle, fill it up, and start drinking. Check to see whether you’re getting enough water. During the day, your skin may lose up to a liter of water, with dry areas losing even more. As a result, staying hydrated is essential for avoiding or treating dry, cracked skin. Moreover, you can also take a water bottle with you everywhere to not forget to drink a sufficient amount.

Treat your cracked heels at home

Moisturizing heels regularly

The treatment is the same whether you’re attempting to avoid cracked heels or heal them, that is, to remain hydrated. Apply a decent moisturizer to your skin at least once a day, if not more. While there are many different moisturizers and protective creams available, one of the most common complaints from patients is a lack of consistency.

Moisturizer should be administered to the feet on a regular basis. Ideally, once in the morning and once before bedtime. This can help you retain fluids in your skin, reduce loss, and even draw more from the underlying tissues or the environment.

Petroleum jelly

Exfoliant preparations like petroleum jelly stay on the skin and establish a protective barrier to prevent moisture loss if you require a lot of it. Apply a thin coating of petroleum jelly-based products, such as Vaseline, after applying your lotion or cream to seal moisture into your cracked foot.

Use crack-healing cream for worse cases

Normal lotions won’t always suffice when your damaged heels are severe. When that happens, it’s time to call in the major healing creams. If your skin is genuinely dry, you can use creams such as ammonium lactate or urea cream to get it healthy, then switch you to a lotion to keep it that way.

Treat your cracked heels at home
Macro photo pair of cracked heels. Male back view.

Using moisturizing socks

If you want to go above and beyond just wearing regular socks to preserve your heels, consider investing in a pair designed specifically for dry, cracked heels. Aloe vera, vitamin E, and shea butter are all included in these socks to keep your skin hydrated. Just keep in mind that these aren’t your typical socks, so they won’t be fluffy and cuddly. Instead, they’ll feel a little stiff at first, but the heat from your skin will cause the therapeutic chemicals to release. Not only will your heels benefit from this, but your entire foot will as well.

Using pumice stone

A pumice stone is an ideal item to use while exfoliating after your foot bath. It aids in the reduction of any dry spots or calluses. While calluses can be protective, when they get too thick, they can lose all flexibility and crack when you move.

Thus, these are some natural remedies that you can apply to heel your dry and cracked heels. You do not have to worry about them now; use the above methods and make your heels smooth.

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