How to heal your dry skin

How to heal your dry skin

Dry skin may be caused by various factors, including everyday bathing practices like taking hot showers, washing oneself dry with a towel, harsh winter temperatures, and decreasing natural oils in your skin as you age.

The good thing is that you do not have to worry about dry skin in these times. However, you can get confused if you intend to buy dry skin treatment creams since there are numerous in the market. Don’t worry about that because we will tell you how to treat your dry skin at your home with all the natural ingredients. There will be no side effects, and your skin will be glowing.

Given the abundance of skincare treatments on the market, a natural cure may be worth a go. This is because natural oils and medicines are usually pure. Other over-the-counter products may have a large number of components. They include not only active moisturizing ingredients but also preservatives. The preservatives can harm your skin.

Cleaning with olive oil

Olive oil, which is a natural cleanser and moisturizer, is an excellent natural oil to use. Simply massage the oil into your skin and cover your face with a warm, moist towel until it cools. The surplus oil should then be wiped away. Olive oil is a fantastic cleanser since it doesn’t deplete your skin with its natural oils while still cleaning it.

How to heal your dry skin

Avocado mask

Another natural option to relieve dry skin is to make an avocado mask at home. To make this, blend half an avocado with 1 teaspoon of olive oil. If your skin is really dry, you may also add 1 tablespoon of honey. Apply the mask to your face and keep it on for 15 to 20 minutes before washing it away. Your skin should be hydrated, but you may amp up the hydration by using your normal moisturizer.

How to heal your dry skin

Oatmeal soak

Dry skin may be naturally rehydrated by adding a cup of oats to a warm bath. It’s because the oat product has calming effects and aids in the retention of moisture from the bathwater.

Coconut oil

Because coconut oil solidifies at room temperature, it may be used as a moisturizing cream before bed or at any time. Apply the oil on chapped heels and hands, then cover with thick socks or non-latex gloves.

Natural oil

Natural oils are excellent for hydrating the skin and re-creating the natural skin barrier, which is frequently harmed by regular hand and face washing with water and drying soaps, which strip the skin of its natural protective oils. Aside from olive and coconut oils, you may try jojoba and avocado oils, which are all-natural and devoid of irritants.

Aloe vera

While aloe vera gel is most commonly associated with sunburn or acne treatment, it can also be beneficial during the dry winter months. It works by reducing redness and irritation caused by excessive dryness, and it can also help to reduce symptoms of aging and acne outbreaks.

Olive oil with sugar

Using a mixture of olive oil and sugar, make a naturally hydrating exfoliating scrub. For preparation, use a half cup of sugar. Add about 2 tablespoons of olive oil into it and blend thoroughly until the mixture become thick. You may also add essential oil, such as lavender, which has a natural scent and can help you relax. Gently massage the scrub into your skin before rinsing it away.

Milk compresses

Milk contains anti-inflammatory effects by nature. Lactic acid, a moderate natural exfoliator, is also present. To form a milk compress, soak a clean towel in a cup of chilled milk and apply it over any dry spots. It’s extremely beneficial for itchy, irritated skin. Lactic acid, on the other hand, can irritate broken skin, so proceed with caution.

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