Living flawless is something very special for me! I am Marina P., a writer, cosmetics and fashion lover from the USA, the new owner of this blog. I just bought this blog and want to continue working on it. Your support is appreciated. I also started a Pinterest page. I like to write and I like all the cosmetic things out there. Red carpet events are another passion, so I try to combine fashion and cosmetics here.

All these combined led me to Living Flawless! For me, this is a platform to share my passion with the world. Not just to share, but also to help you all with your problems related to beauty, skincare, travel or anything I can help with.

I have seen a lot of people who don’t know how to take proper care of their skin, what to do and how. So my aim is to educate everyone on how to take care of this beautiful skin god has gifted us with. My skin is a bit problematic, so I have researched and experimented with a lot about products, skincare, makeup brands, etc. And now I feel like I can help you all with my years of research and observations. I want you all to have the best for yourself!!

So just go ahead and enjoy exploring my blog! I hope you like it! Comments are appreciated.