Trends in Women’s Handbags for 2020 -

Trends in Women’s Handbags for 2020

Trends in Women’s Handbags for 2020

Keeping up with trends in women’s handbags is tough – especially when you consider who often trends change. But, luckily for us all, what was old is new again and vice versa.

The really interesting thing about current trends is how bold manufacturers are becoming with textures and shapes. We’re starting to see a lot of weird geometry out there as well as nontraditional combinations in terms of texture and form. Imagine if you had told someone five years ago how hot PVC bags would be today and they would look at you like you’re mad!

That’s just how much things change and how quickly. In this list, I show you 17 major design trends that are impacting women’s handbags for the spring 2020 season and beyond.

It really wasn’t easy to get together all the links and put them here in one article; so I hope you appreciate the work.

This should make it easier to see what’s out there, identify it, and figure out whether or not it is right for you.

1. Tiny Bags

Tiny bags are those small creations that look like they can barely hold anything, let alone a smartphone. The point is: They can’t hold much of anything and they’re really just an eye-catching accessory like jewelry or shoes. That’s to say you probably shouldn’t buy a tiny bag expecting to use it on a daily basis. As far as how long this trend will play out, we think tiny bags could give way to the clutches that are starting to dominate the red carpet and we think you’ll see these tiny bags are formal events and other occasions where a real bag isn’t needed.

You can see the look here:

2. Slings

Always useful, always convenient, slings never really go out of style but this year’s collection of bo-ho bags are the kinds of staples that will go well beyond the current season and provide use for years to come.

You can see the look here:

3. Raffa Bags

We’re starting to see a lot of natural weave and texture bags and raffa bags are among those that catch the eye with their unique look and give you something a little more exotic than a sling bag.

You can see the look here:

4. Buckle Bags

Buckles, functional or not, are always a bold, brash look and easily straddle the lines between casual chic and edgy styling.

You can see the look here:

5. Boxy Bags

We’re talking about women’s bags that are actually square and rectangle-shaped. These geometric art pieces, like tiny bags, aren’t the most functional pieces and are mainly for formal events.

You can see the look here:

6. Bold Clutches

Clutches are a standby piece and a staple of fashion. They’re also getting a lot more creative than ever before. Whether it is a clutch with a bold graphic print or one using a unique form factor and sharp lines, clutches provide you with just enough utility to make them versatile pieces and are stylish enough to work in multiple scenarios.

You can see the look here:

7. PVC Bags

A trend kicked off by Louis Vuitton and which has now made its way to the rest of the industry, this industrial look might make the bag styles out there crazier than we’ve seen in years but it is also a durable material that will provide years of use. Personally, we love the Louis Vuitton iridescent bag.

You can see the look here:

8. Wicker Bags

Like the raffa bag, wicker bags combine artisanal skill and natural fibers in a bag that is both functional, stylish, and a bit unique. If you want a bag that no one else is rocking, we suggest a wicked bag.

You can see the look here:

9. Huge Totes

For some of us, the function of the bag takes precedence over the form. And those gals like that tend to prefer totes. We can’t blame them. There’s probably no more useful bag on the market right now and, with the trend towards oversized everything, they provide more immediate utility than ever before.

You can see the look here:

10. Unexpected Form Factors

This is more about the shape and style of the bag itself. From Moschino bags shaped like champagne bottles to those that look like violins, nontraditional shapes and unexpected form factors make the future of women’s handbags more varied than ever before.

You can see the look here:

or here:

11. Orange Bags

Not so much a bag as it is a color and style, bright Florida orange is the color for spring and summer 2020 according to the runways.

You can see the look here:

12. Micro Bag

Unlike a tiny bag, a micro bag is actually useful and just a notch above the almost entirely-an-accessory tiny bag.

You can see the look here:

13. Vegan Leather

Vegan leather and that which is not based on animal products is the next wave in handbags and could be a major force towards the end of the year. We’ve seen how cool PVC bags can be and now designers are looking at other materials they can manipulate into stunning forms.

You can see the look here:

14. Modern Pouches

The pouch is for the gal that wants a tote bag but doesn’t like the way it looks. Small, comfortable, easy to carry and doesn’t take away from the rest of your outfit, pouches provide just enough style and utility to become everyday staples during the spring and summer months.

You can see the look here:

15. Woven Fibers

Along with the trend towards natural materials, there is another movement towards woven constructions. What this means is that the piece looks put together by hand and has a craftsman-like quality. This can extend to fibers to even basket-like designs that are inflexible and hold their shape.

You can see the look here:

16. Floral Patterns

Florals never really went out of style in many areas but handbags with big floral prints are not something you see too much of these days. That’s about to change as florals – and prints, in general – are about to have a golden age. This is mainly due to the improvements in printing technology which allow for even more detailed designs than ever before.

You can see the look here:

17. Industrial Styles

Think cyberpunk aesthetic and industrial materials, among other things. From black metal hardware to neon hues, the 1980s noir genre is impacting multiple areas of fashion. And this isn’t surprising: Given its combination of the technological with the organic and natural, cyberpunk industrial styles perfectly capture the current zeitgeist in fashion.

You can see the look here:

Oh, my, dear, I would like to buy all these bags that are Trends in Women’s Handbags for 2020 shown here on my blog Good, I didn’t mention the prices, don’t you think so, too?

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