The ultimate encyclopedia of base makeup

The ultimate encyclopedia of base makeup

Doing makeup in old times used to be pretty easy and convenient. That is because women had limited options to choose from. For instance, let us have a look at the base makeup. Initially, base makeup options included only foundation, moisturizer, and powder. When we come into the 21st century, just as other things have developed, so does makeup. There are numerous options to choose from, which can sometimes be confusing as well.

Narrowing down which formula works best from all the alternatives, including liquids, creams, sticks, and tints, may be difficult. And that’s without considering the shade range. On the bright side, having so many alternatives means you’ll have a better chance of getting the exact coverage and finish you want. In this article, we will tell you about the different kinds of base makeup to choose one of them easily according to your preference.

Liquid foundation

Liquid foundation is your go-to base makeup since it mixes well and comes in a variety of shades. When it comes to color ranges and finishes, these foundations provide the best options. When it comes to coverage, you have a few options. However, most liquid foundations fall into the medium range, which means they’ll hide redness and blemishes while still allowing your skin to shine.

The ultimate encyclopedia of base makeup

Apply foundation to your forehead, nose, cheeks, and chin, then mix outward with a brush, fingertips, or a sponge in smooth strokes. Use one pump or drop for complete coverage and two for medium coverage.

Tinted moisturizer

A tinted moisturizer is, precisely as it names sound, a moisturizer with a dash of color. It’s a wonderful option for those of us who want to go out the door quickly or with the least amount of coverage possible, as it gives the least amount of range of all the alternatives. It’s easy to put it on: Apply it with your fingertips, much like a face lotion, or with a foundation brush for a more exact application.

The ultimate encyclopedia of base makeup

BB cream

BB creams are popular because they provide light to medium coverage while also containing skin-boosting properties. Consider BB creams to be like health supplements for your face; they often contain sunscreen, moisturizer, color, and anti-aging ingredients. They usually fall between a tinted moisturizer and foundation in terms of coverage and have a dewy look. Its application is similar to that of the liquid foundation. Apply in the face and gently blend to all the areas for a fine finish.

The ultimate encyclopedia of base makeup

Stick foundation

Stick foundations are ideal for medium coverage applications. Stick foundations are also perfect for makeup artists, experienced makeup appliers, and contour aficionados because of their firm texture. They’re perfect for dark-skinned ladies who like to wear a lighter tint in the center of their face and a darker shade around the hairline.

Compact foundation

Solid cream compacts are ideal for varied coverage and application. A compact cream foundation has a solid texture comparable to a concealer, but it’s frequently softer and moister than stick makeup. These creams are also straightforward to layer, allowing you to achieve a sheer finish or build more coverage as needed. They can be easily used with the help of fingertips, and you might not need a brush for them, making them more convenient to use.

Powder foundation

Solid cream compacts are excellent for providing a wide range of coverage and application options. A compact cream foundation has a similar solid feel to concealer, but it’s often softer and more moisturizing than stick makeup. These creams are also incredibly easy to layer, so you may get a sheer finish or build-up coverage as desired.

The ultimate encyclopedia of base makeup

These were some of the options you can use for base makeup. In reality, there are still many options that are left. However, the choices we have covered are the most used and will work on most skin types and occasions.

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