Shaping your eyebrows perfectly – Tips & tricks

Shaping your eyebrows perfectly – Tips & tricks

Crafting the perfect eyebrows for yourself is not just limited to the salon people. You can even do it at your home. It will only take a little bit of practice initially but, trust us, everything will start falling into place once you start shaping your eyebrows, according to this guide.

Shaping eyebrows is not rocket science anymore. It has become a necessity for women as eyebrows play a vital role in maintaining and enhancing the overall beauty of your face. This article will tell you the tips and tricks you need to follow for crafting the best eyebrows for yourself.

Before starting, you must assess whether or not your brows are sufficiently thick. Don’t be concerned if your brows don’t satisfy specific criteria or trends for thickness. You may continually strive to make your brows thicker. For quicker hair development, massage your brows with castor oil, olive oil, or almond oil for five minutes before going to bed. A nutritious diet, such as fish and almonds, can also perform wonders.

Crafting according to your face

Keep in mind that you have to determine the shape of your face to start shaping your eyebrows. If your face is round, try to make the highest arch possible. A brow form that follows a straight line to the brow’s peak is preferred over a rounded brow shape. Your face will appear incredibly round as a result of this. Consider a curving brow shape, soft or hard-angled form for a square-shaped face. Avoid brows that are too thin or too short.

On the contrary, a low arch and rounded brow shape are best for women with a heart-shaped face since it gives them a more natural appearance. A high-arched brow should be avoided since it might lengthen a shorter heart-shaped face. Choose a flat and soft-angled brow shape if you have an oval face. These should rise straight up before softly curving around at the top.

Pencil method

Use the ‘pencil’ method to determine the three places you’ll need to consider while sculpting your brow. Draw a straight line up the side of your nose with a pencil to mark the start of your brow. Place the pencil over your pupil and along with your nose. The arch and tallest section of your brow will be here. Finally, move the pencil at the end of your nostril with its other tips towards the edge of your brow. This should be the perfect end of your eyebrow.

Shaping your eyebrows perfectly – Tips & tricks

Plucking the extra hairs

Remember our two-point rule when plucking out hairs from your eyebrow. The first is to have a substantial amount of lighting at the place you are doing plucking. Secondly, buy high-quality tweezers for the best plucking experience. If you have done these two things, the rest of the work will become relatively easy.

Apply some skin moisturizer or an ice cube on your brows to minimize redness, swelling, and soreness. When plucking the region above the forehead, be cautious not to over-pluck it; if you do, the brow will appear unnaturally thin. Take a few steps back after every few tweezes to assess the overall picture and the outcome. Moreover, buy a dedicated small brush for combing your eyebrows so that you will get a clear picture.

Filling the brows

It is one of the most challenging parts of shaping your eyebrows. The function of filling is to make your brows look thick naturally. For that, brush brow hairs softly, line the brow’s bottom curve and fill in bald regions with an eyebrow brush. If necessary, create the tail of your brow and define the top and bottom margins of your brow. Avoid applying too much color to the edges of your natural brow contour, especially towards the bridge of your nose.

Shaping your eyebrows perfectly – Tips & tricks

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