Latest diamond jewelry trends

Latest Diamond Jewelry Trends

Latest Diamond Jewelry Trends

“Diamonds are a girls best friend …” – Oh, I think that is sooooo true. I like the sparkles and touching the jewelry in the morning. I just feel better when wearing them. So I was looking for the latest diamond jewelry trends – And I found them.

The latest diamond jewelry trends are so spectacular that they do not need to be over the top to catch the attention of all. Whether your take on accessorizing is extravagant or minimalistic, here are some of the latest diamond jewelry trends that would lift your confidence and style.

Big Love & Big Hoops

For centuries past and even up till now, a trend loved by women and admirers are golden hoops, and this is a returning trend that is back and better. Blending the significance of the trendy hoops and the classic diamond is a trend that is sure to turn heads. This trend has been transformed and reinvented for this time and is guaranteed to bring a slick look to your outfit, whether worn with an evening gown or slick office wear.

Latest diamond jewelry trends
Latest diamond jewelry trends – Diamond studded earring hoops
Latest diamond jewelry trends
Latest diamond jewelry trends – Diamond hoops


Using asymmetric earrings is a simple and elegant way to decorate your ears. The word asymmetric means different things to different women. For some, it might mean wearing one earring of different pairs, and for some others, asymmetric means buying earrings created to showcase their uneven beauty. An example of this is the case of yellow and white diamond earrings.

Latest diamond jewelry trends
Latest diamond jewelry trends – Ring with diamond

Large and long combinations

Whether robust, dainty, floral, or geometric, these large diamond earrings bring out the beauty in any outfit. Size is the essence of this earring, and the combo of long earrings fitted with diamonds is a match made in heaven. You suddenly, at some point, begin to scream glamour as people notice your diamond earrings light up your outfit.

Layered Jewelry

In today’s fashion, when it comes to stacking bracelets and necklaces, the latest trends look to embrace simple and delicate pieces allowing you to combine mixed stones and mixed metals. Layering jewelry is one of the best ways to create fashionable and unique styles that offer you the freedom of many options to choose from.

Colored diamonds

Colored diamonds are making the rounds this season for an anniversary, engagement rings, statement rings as well. Diamond rings that adorn the fingers of beautiful women include sapphires, emeralds, colored diamonds, and tanzanite. These colored diamonds are becoming more and more popular when it comes to wedding bands as they are eye-catching and pleasing to the eye as well.

Latest diamond jewelry trends
Latest diamond jewelry trends – A pair of diamond earrings in gold and an emerald ring

Celestial jewelry

This is not a new trend as this was once popular back in the days, but this is indeed becoming a fashion favorite once again. From the sunburst crescent, over to the layered spherical earrings, and even the orbit cocktail rings, this new trend can transform your outfit into something spectacular and straightforward.

No matter how classy a new trend is, one thing you should always bear in mind is that the trend should suit you, rather than the other way around.

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