Get your curls right every single time

Get your curls right every single time

In today’s world, despite all of the instructions and tools available to help you achieve perfect beach waves, learning how to get the near-perfect curls remains an arduous task. There’s a real challenge to figuring out how to hold the barrel of the curling iron, how high to set the temperature, and how long to hold your hair in it, no matter what sort of iron you use, and that’s assuming you have one of the best in business.

Thus, we came out with some tips and tricks on making your hairs curl like never before in no time. Just read this post until the end, and we are sure that you will get the best curls you ever had.

Iron barrel size

It is a myth that the larger the curling iron, the more curls you will get. This is not the case. It will be a hassle to use an iron that is too large for your hair length. Moreover, it is not efficient to curl if you are not using the iron barrel size according to your hairs.  You may always use a brush to loosen up tighter curls. If you have short or medium-length hair, use a barrel that is 1 inch wide in circumference. Choose a one and a quarter-inch barrel if you have long hair or prefer looser curls.

Using hair spray BEFORE curling

If you just use hairspray after you’ve finished curling your hair, your hair is more likely to fall flat. To prepare your curls, spray them with a light- to firm-hold hairspray before setting them. If your hair is resistant to curls, this is very vital. Also, you mustn’t overuse the hair spray. If you spray it more than the required amount in your hairs, they will become a hard, smelly mess.

Get your curls right every single time

Use the correct heat

You could be tempted to set your iron’s temperature setting to the highest possible in the hopes of getting a better hold.  While it’s true that a hotter temperature sets hair faster if your hair is thin, color-treated, or dry, it can also be damaged. If you have processed your hair, drop the heat down a notch, but if you have healthy hair, put it up a notch. However, proceed cautiously, regardless of your hair type.

Angle is important

When it comes to curls, angles are crucial. Heat the root of your hair first and hold the curling iron perpendicular to the portion you’re curling if you want extra volume. You should be able to say it off the top of your head. Hold the iron straight down if you don’t want volume. You’ll need the extra volume if you want large, bouncy curls or a traditional blowout look.

Get your curls right every single time

Timing is important

Keep this in mind if you want your hair to be free of harm. Hold the iron on your hair for no more than eight to ten seconds. If your hair is resistant to curls or you want a tighter wave, you may leave it in a little longer. Also, be sure to hold each curl for the same length of time each time. The results will be messed up if you hold each piece for a varied amount of time or start before the iron is hot enough.

Thus, these are some of the tips that you should follow when curling up your hair. They come in pretty handy if you have to curl your hairs quickly as well. We are pretty sure that if you follow the tips given regularly, you will become a pro at curling hairs. Hopefully, you will not need external help for curling!

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