Dead nails? We have come to the rescue!

Dead nails? We have come to the rescue!

Healthy nails that you can wear to work or out on the town are the product of regular nail care. Your nail care routine may be easy and low-cost. In fact, being excessively diligent about washing and maintaining your nails may put your otherwise healthy nails in danger of yeast or bacterial infections. If you follow our advice, you won’t need to get manicures as often to keep your nails looking beautiful.

Dead nails? We have come to the rescue!

Strong, healthy nails can be a sign of overall health, but they aren’t always as strong as we’d like. The good news is that we can always make lifestyle and habit adjustments to strengthen our nails and bring them to where we want them to be. As a result, if you want your nails to be healthy, follow our advice since only healthy nails can appear attractive naturally.


You don’t need any dietary supplements to ensure strong nails if you consume a healthy, diverse diet. Supplemental Biotin, a B vitamin, may help patients with thin nails. Biotin has been found to improve the strength and growth of our nails. Thus, if your nails are weak, try Biotin as a supplement to get them stronger and less prone to breakage.

Less water contact

Soaking your nails in water for too long can make them weak and brittle. When washing dishes, use gloves and try to keep your hands out of the water when bathing. Of course, it’s hard to prevent immersing your hands at all times, but it’s something to be aware of and attempt to limit the amount of time your nails come into contact with water.


Wearing nail paint isn’t going to ruin your healthy nails, but you should probably take a vacation from it every now and again. When you decide to start that break, make sure you use acetone-free nail paint remover as part of your home manicures. When working with your hands, such as gardening or housecleaning, wear gloves to protect the polish and prevent excessive dirt in your nails.

Artificial nails and gels are a big NO

While artificial nails are marketed as a simple solution for people who struggle to grow their nails, repeated usage can cause your nails to peel, weakening them. If you must have them, don’t wear them all the time.

Also, the UV light necessary for gel polish has been linked to cancer, albeit the level of exposure is considerably lower than that provided by ultraviolet tanning equipment. The skin that maintains a healthy nail also ages as a result of exposure.

Cuticles are equally important as nails

Consider your cuticles to be the protective layer that surrounds your nail’s base. You can harm them by cutting them back too far or pushing them around too hard. As a result, your nail bed is vulnerable to infection. Moisturize cuticles as part of routine nail care to keep them healthy, and don’t push them back or trim them at all, even during a professional manicure. If you see any symptoms of infection around your cuticles, you must see a doctor instantly.

Dead nails? We have come to the rescue!


Instead of the long talons of the past, the current trend is for tidy, more natural-looking, shorter nails. Regular nail trimming keeps your nails healthy and prevents them from snagging or breaking. The frequency with which you cut your nails is determined by how quickly they grow. Smooth the edges of your nails using a fine file. This will also keep the excess dirt out of your nail tips, and you are less prone to eating unhygienic stuff through your nails while having dinner or lunch.

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