8 Absolutely Easy Ways To Fix Makeup Mistakes

In the olden days, people wore makeup to frighten enemies, show a social rank or make magic. Isn’t it crazy? At least now we don’t wear makeup to frighten anyone. So everything has to be on point. But we never get enough time to complete our makeup, and hence we are bound to make few Makeup mistakes, but there are many ways to fix makeup mistakes.

Cakey foundation, smudged mascara or overdone blush are few very common makeup mishaps every woman has fumbled upon at least once. But don’t worry these things are super easy to fix up without removing your entire makeup.
Here are the common makeup mistakes that women make and their fixes!

We all love doing makeup and thus we are tend to do makeup mistakes. These are few easy ways to fix makeup mistakes, do check it out.

1. Cakey foundation:-

Foundations are meant to be seamlessly melded in the skin and give a perfect natural finish. Not to look like a layer of thick makeup on the skin that is cakeyness. If it happens then your skin must have been be a bit dry, you haven’t moisturized properly before applying foundation. In such case just use a bit of moisturizer and use a dry beauty blender to blend any uneven look or soak excess foundation. You can even use your hands to blend it, as heat of your hand will make sure all the pigments are mixed together perfectly.

2. Uneven or Smeared Eyeliner:-

Making that perfect cat-eye is not an easy task if you’re not a professional makeup artist.
Uneven or Smeared Eyeliner is the most common makeup mistake we tend to do. But don’t worry there are many quick and easy ways to fix makeup mistakes. Just take a cotton bud or swab dipped in your favorite cleanser and wipe out the excess liner. Cover up the skin with a dab of foundation or concealer and you are good to go! There are also many makeup eraser swaps or sticks available to easily remove the excess liner.

We all love doing makeup and thus we are tend to do makeup mistakes. These are few easy ways to fix makeup mistakes, do check it out.

3. Eyeshadow Fallout:-

Done with that perfect smokey eye or an amazing glittery eye makeup, in a record breaking time. But now you have that sparkling little eyeshadow particles all over your face. No need to panic, first of all don’t touch it as it will smear a lot. Just dust it off lightly with a fan brush and a touch of translucent powder. And for a place or two it had smeared remove it with a cotton swab dipped in makeup remover or conceal it.

4.Too much Blush:-

It is a very common mistake we all do, we just forget how pigmented our blush is or we forget to tab the excess blush from the brush. And we end up with too much Blush on the face. In such case all you have to do is apply a bit of foundation or concealer and blend it well to reduce the intensity of blush or you can just dab some loose powder over it, to have a perfect rosy glow. Same goes with the overdone highlighter.

We all love doing makeup and thus we are tend to do makeup mistakes. These are few easy ways to fix makeup mistakes, do check it out.

5. Flaky Lipstick:-

This is the problem I always face specially during dry weather, as I’m not a lip balm person. Remember to always take care of your lips but like me if you haven’t did then your lipstick will definitely look flaky. At that time you have to remove your lipstick, prep your lips properly and then apply it again. Do you have so much time?? At least I never have. So what I do is to always keep a transparent lip balm with me, so whenever this problem arises all I do is apply a coat of that lip balm over my lipstick. It soften the lips and any flakiness.

6.Powder overdone:-

No one wants to look all powdery or cakey. But accidentally you are looking exactly like that, as you applied too much compact or loose powder. The most simplest solution is to use a setting spray or spray some rose water, it will settle down all the chalkiness from your face and will also provide a nice glow. But if you don’t have a setting spray or rose water, don’t worry just dap your face lightly with a damp sponge and you have a nice dewy look.

 We all love doing makeup and thus we are tend to do makeup mistakes. These are few easy ways to fix makeup mistakes, do check it out.

7.Smeared Mascara:-

You don’t like waterproof mascara, and so now your mascara is smeared because you were teary eyed or just sneezed while applying. Don’t worry first of all let it dry somewhat as it will create less mess after dried. Now just take a cotton swab dipped in makeup remover and Dab, just dab lightly on the smeared mascara. It will definitely come off and then too if just a little bit blackness is left behind, don’t worry you can always conceal it with your favorite concealer.

 8.Brow Too heavy:-

Brow trend is all over internet now a days, specially on Instagram. But its quiet a task to make it properly without look too bold and heavy. But if you are new to it or you are using a fairly new product then mistakes are bound to happen and now your brows are looking too unnatural. Remove and restart is not an option but you can always use a cotton ball with a bit of Cleanser in it and just keep on dabbing over brows till it looks natural and bold.

So these are the few of makeup mistakes that I can think of and its easy and quick fixes. If I left out any mistake or some great solution that you know of then comment below and I will have it here.

Don’t forget to share this amazing ways to fix makeup mistakes with your friends and family. They may be in a dire need of it.

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